Excellence in design and manufacturing of metal stamping dies.
About Us

Cutting Edge Technologies was established in January
of 2001. The three owners started with a dream to make
a busness that would supply our customers with a quality
product and delivered on time. It took alot of hard work
during a slow time in the industry.

We take great pride in our work and quality of our tools.
We have a great group of Die Makers, Machinists, Designers,
and Programmers to keep us on the Cutting Edge.
Design Services
We offer 3-D solid designs with Visi, and Pro Engineer. When we build a new tool, our customers will get total data, including form surfacing and exact wire
paths of EDM burned trim steels. All of the blocks on a die will have individual detailing with 100% replace ability available.
This should be a major benifit for our customers in the maintenance
of their tools.
Only the finest materials and workmanship go into our tools.
Our standards of quality usally exceed all of our
customers expectations.
We also offer a low production tooling. These tools use
"Master/Subplate" technology, often saving thousands of
dollars in tooling cost.
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